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A few words about alutrUSt.

By understanding the need and desire of the customer to save energy, we produce and install ALU insulated aluminum Doors and windows etc. of high quality and design for all types of architectural applications.

At the same time we are offering and installing products(window frames and doors)  from uPVC with very high standards.

ALUTRUST started as a family business in 1968 under the name of Kirimlidis Dimitrios, which quickly became known in the field of steel and metal structures and since 1975  aluminum construction, with customers in all counties of Northern Greece. The company, continuing the family tradition passed to the second generation with the current owner Kirimlidis D. Vasilis.  As a result of joining the experience of his father with the dynamism of the new is the creation of a trusting company profile, with high quality projects and aesthetics.  The very good name in the circle of suppliers and customers is the greatest legacy of the business.

Respecting and honoring the efforts of the past we march to the future ... 


Operational way of thinking.

A key to ALUTRUST is the seamless relationship with selected partners-suppliers and customers who have chosen ALUTRUST to meet their needs!  Our collaborations are always treated with responsibility, integrity, quality, reliability and respect.   Important for ALUTRUST is to create a lasting relationship of trust with the customer, providing support to any problem or need that may arise during a project, but especially after its completion.


Real Quality.

As a result of many years of experience (since 1993 )and love for the profession is the undisputed quality in each project, large or small, regardless of profit. Praise of the customer always come in reward for our efforts and are our first target. The care and attention to detail in all stages of construction and placement are data from the outset for our work. The installed machinery in a private, fully organized space, and the trained and qualified personnel of the company, contributing significantly to the achievement of the highest quality



The ALUTRUST bears the mark of CE conformity to products manufactured using certified materials and components of ALUMIL, one of the largest companies in the area.   Every construction of ALUTRUST is accompanied by the necessary Performance Certificates Declaration and the Costumer Brochure. Moreover, to satisfy even the most "demanding" customer, we provide a, up to, 10 year guarantee of quality in our constructions.

Our Services.

In ALUTRUST, after years of presence in the aluminum, we have acquired the appropriate knowledge and experience required. So we construct architectural aluminum systems of high quality and aesthetics quality in all ranges of ALUMIL, in any desired color and for any kind of application. The major advantage of ALUTRUST is that the contact is made directly with the person who manufactures the frames and be responsible for each stage of the production process. From the study, construction and installation, replacement, and technical support after project completion.

Study of Project.

The proper study of your order is essential for a good collaboration for this and ALUTRUST care from the beginning that the client is aware of the final cost of the construction, project delivery time and of course the necessary guarantees certificates to accompany the resulting products. Thanks to our extensive experience and our expertise, we can recommend solutions that properly address structural requirements of your space, guiding you in choosing the ideal frame basis of your needs. Our proposal regarding the type and material of the frames which are divided into opening or sliding, or conventional thermal break, blinds or shutters.


Construction & Installation.

The ALUTRUST meets all the requirements, both modern equipment and expertise of, to belong to the certified company aluminum manufacturers ALUMIL SA . The produced aluminum frames bearing the CE marking and the manufacturing processes followed are the basis of European standards. Follow specific applications in receipt of the products, the production process, and the process of placement.


  • High construction knowledge and experience

  • Modern mechanical equipment

  • Specialized technical staff

  • Materials and top quality components

  • Design variety of modern and traditional aesthetic

  • Direct and responsible service

  • Punctual delivery


Based on these specifications the ALUTRUST manufactures aluminum frames covering all traditional and modern trend and guarantees unsurpassed resistance to safety, tightness and energy saving.


The ALUTRUST undertakes the replacement of old frames (wooden or aluminum old technology) with new energy systems ALUMIL contributing drastically save up to 40% on heating costs and electricity, while increasing thermal comfort indoors. Order not to leave the space "open", attend the installation of new frames to be completed within a day or at each prescribed times. The cost of dismantling the old frames free. Upon completion of work, remove dust and debris (at your suggestion space, upon request) and the space delivered clean.


Maintenance / Service.

Always keep in mind that regular screening, especially early intervention where necessary, protects the frame over time. That is why from the beginning of the installation of the frames will give you instructions for proper operation and the correct periodic cleaning of your windows. If within the warranty period, the frames you found an unacceptable situation for reasons not due to misuse, we will repair them free of your burden.


Technical Support.

After visiting your space, an estimation of the damage and then informed about the repair process and the cost of labor.

Some of the following tasks can be performed:

  • Replacing the wheels sliding frames

  • Replace or repair the locks sliding frames

  • Replace the belts rolls, hinges and openingmechanism - tilting frames

  • Addressing any kind problem presented in each aluminum construction, to restore function and ensure your home security.


The ALUTRUST can undertake the repair of your old aluminum frames with just a phone call on +30 2310 614 220.

Ανοιγόμενα Συστήματα Αλουμινίου
Συρόμενα Συστήματα Αλουμινίου
Ειδικές Κατασκευές Αλουμινίου
Πόρτες Εισόδου Αλουμινίου
Ρολά - Παντζούρια Αλουμινίου
Σήτες - Εντομοπροστασία - Αντικωνωπικά
Υαλοπίνακες, Τζάμια, Προσόψεις
Χρωματολόγιο, Βαφές Αλουμινίου, Βαφές κουφωμάτων


The wide product range of ALUTRUST, architectural aluminum systems for all architectural applications like doors, windows, facades (curtain walls), atriums, office partitions, etc., are manufactured to fulfill and meet the needs, desires and choices of our clients for each application. Aluminium systems of ALUTRUST are distinguished for their structural integrity, their modern design and for durability in use, while being high aesthetic and functional. Furthermore their compatibility with various systems enhances the possibility of combining the clients’ choices. Special emphasis is given on assuring the quality of finished products, as well as in the certification of products and production processes, based on the standards of internationally recognized organizations.

Aluminium systems of ALUTRUST are life choices without substantial maintenance costs, while in a case of a change of frames they fully recyclable, helping contribute actively to environmental protection.


Selecting frames.

What type of frame suits my needs?

The needs for natural light, thermal insulation, soundproofing, security, space-saving and of course the cost are the factors to be considered by the consumer to be able to choose the best possible solution for him. The choice of frames must be made at the initial stage of the building design and be relevant to the specifics, the external conditions (climate) that prevail in the area of building and type of building. Attention should be paid to the selection of an appropriate system depending on the opening of the frame. For example, a "light" system has major limitations on the opening that can be fitted by a "heavy" system can provide more application solutions.


The basic types of frames are two the hinged and sliding:


  • Hinged window frames

They offer effective insulation, more security, available in many types and designs and accept glass, screen and shutter or rolling shutters externally. They offer extended opening but need enough space to open within the room where they are fitted. The opening frames have become the first choice for a large part of the market and are mainly used houses, summer homes and in special buildings. Even placed in replacement of old wooden frames. They are ideal for traditional construction and beyond. There are simple frames and thermal insulated frames. Economically they are more expensive than hinged, but they offer unlimited applications and solutions in any case, they can be combined with a lot of accessories and mechanisms covering any special requirement.


  • Sliding windows

Space saving is the main advantage that sliding doors offer. Therefore they are used mostly in mass construction –bock of buildings- where space is limited. Sliding doors are a particular feature of the Greek market and had the largest share in the construction of frames in the 70s and 80s. The current series of sliding frames are adapted to market requirements and offer the best possible insulation; there are available also thermal insulation solutions. They take less space to work and accept window screen of single or double glazing, insect screens, blinds or roller shutters externally. They can slide inside the wall (offering extended opening) or on the outer wall. They are offered in many variations, sliding pocket construction, sliding by pass construction or sliding and by pass.

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